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Songs In His Presence is pleased to announce
its latest CD/songbook album:

"Trust Him," with Brian Blum 

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"Trust Him," with Brian Blum:

From Song of Song’s “fountain sealed,” through the “dark night” and into joyful praise and worship, many graces are given to “Trust Him” as we grow into His likeness. Two humble musical talents powerfully convey the mystery and breadth of our meeting with Christ.

Let all fall more deeply in love with Christ! Through the warm and rich voice of tenor Brian Blum, this contemporary album of praise and prayer features primarily the Spirit-inspired writing of song bard Ed Conlin. The appreciation for Ed’s deep texts and stirring music is spreading through worshiping communities around the world. This is the 3rd album by Songs In His Presence including his songs. Conlin’s energizing “Rise, O People Called to Worship,” “We Enter In” and “Join with Us” beckon us to enter the Father’s courts in profound and joyful worship. You will smile at Brian Blum’s rendition of “My Portion, My Treasure,” a toe-tapping setting of Psalm 16. Ed’s songs “Come, Ye Winds” based on Song of Songs Ch. 4, “Trust Him (Psalm 62)” and his plaintive ballad “According to Your Word” express our emptiness and the costs of discipleship and love. “How Profound is Your Love” is a rich and deeply-textured worship piece adapted from Augustine’s Confessions Book 10, Ch. 6. The simply-styled “Song of Peter (Lord, You Know)” conveys that disciple’s love for Christ and his grief at his own denial of Jesus. Cover tunes are track #2, “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” first recorded by popular artist Josh Groban, track #11, a contemporary “Anima Christi” (“My Lord, My King” by Ann Berger) and the orchestral #12, "The Lord's Prayer" by Alfred Malotte. Every song is a new facet of our meeting with Christ, purely conveyed through Brian’s astounding but humbly-offered vocal gift. Trust Him draws us to love God deeply, and to bear His love for the world.

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“Spectacular... this recording shines!  Brian Blum has a truly beautiful voice; pure and sweet, strong and supple, manly and capable.  He is the perfect interpreter of Ed Conlin's music and lyrics.  The songwriting is rock-solid, the production is finished and its fervency of intent is absolute.   God, not the singer, is truly the center of each song in this compilation.  Beautifully conceived!” 

                        Tom Loewe, WDEO, co-host of “Notes from Above” 

“These songs came from prayer and lead to prayer. Recommended.”

Ralph Martin, Assistant Professor and Director of the Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart Seminary, Archdiocese of Detroit; President of Renewal Ministries; host of “The Choices We Face” television and radio broadcast

NOTE: Click on the to listen to song clip (requires Real Player)


 Praise and worship music clip    1. Come Ye Winds (Ed Conlin and Jane Terwilliger)

 Praise and worship music clip    2. You are Loved (Don't Give Up) (Thomas Salter)

 Praise and worship music clip    3. Trust Him (Psalm 62) (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip    4. Join With Us (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip    5. My Portion, My Treasure (Psalm 16) (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip    6. We Enter In (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip    7. According to Your Word (Ed Conlin and Jane Terwilliger)

 Praise and worship music clip    8. How Profound is Your Love (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip    9. Rise, O People, Called to Worship (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip  10. Song of Peter (Lord, You Know) (Ed Conlin and Jane Terwilliger)

 Praise and worship music clip  11. My Lord, My King (Ann Berger)

 Praise and worship music clip  12. The Lord's Prayer (Albert Hay Malotte)

Held by Love CD with christian choral arrangementsHeld by Love:

The themes of God’s love from Scripture, with highlights from great Christian writers, are illuminated and energized in the contemporary album Held by Love. People of all ages are being moved by this outstanding collection by Songs In His Presence. The powerful lyrics of its songs are deeply prayerful, set in primarily acoustic yet diverse musical styles. Fresh and distinctive for its repeat "listen-ability," it features six excellent solo vocalists, choir, and fifteen instrumentalists collaborating on richly-textured arrangements.

Held by Love opens with three songs of unabashed joy in God’s fatherly love: “So Bless the Lord” from Psalm 103, an ultra-joyful Latin/rock setting of Psalm 63 and the heart-swelling "How Profound Is Your Love" featuring harp, French horn and violin. The mood of the music deepens with the captivating fourth and fifth songs, Deb Mantel’s tender “Around the Throne” (our total worship of God) and Roger Holtz’s gripping choral feature “Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs” (Isaiah’s prophecy of Christ’s Passion and Death) which includes solos by tenor David Fischer. The subsequent four contemplative songs by Ed Conlin convey our response of gratitude and willing surrender of self. “Can It Be, Oh My Soul” describes our astonishment at such a treasure, but its high cost, selfless love. Hushed reverence begins and lights the sparks in “Lord Enkindle Me.” The fire ignites with “Living Flame,” a guitar-based setting of the penetrating poem by the sixteenth century monk, St. John of the Cross, recognizing God in the pain of life and inviting the purification He gives. Love's willingness to share sufferings is one reflection also portrayed in the CD photo design. Lighter, lilting tin whistle echoes all through the Celtic-style "Here Is My Life" and Deb Mantel sings her simply beautiful love for the Lord in “You Alone.” The songs of the five composers of Held by Love present a fresh invitation to become humble and open and make a space for Christ. "Abide, O Lord” (an invitation to God to make his home in me) and the album signature song “What Costly Love” (we are changed by God’s love), continue the Held by Love cover theme and are both interpreted through Inez Gavrilides and harmonists. The energy of the CD climbs again with its final two songs, "The House of God" and Amy Righi’s “We Have Been Blest,” both heralding our call to be the Body of Christ, bearing His love to the world.

This is a long-playing CD: fifteen tracks and an entire hour sharing the breadth and length of God’s love, performed by the gifted brother and sister artists of Songs In His Presence. Superbly arranged and edited, Held by Love is among the best uplifting contemporary Christian worship music. You will have a hard time picking just one favorite song or singer on this CD.

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"You obviously have a great talent, and I believe that people will be blessed by this new work.  Certainly your new CD will help people draw closer to the Lord in their prayer and song."

     --Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson, D.D, Bishop of Saginaw, Michigan

NOTE: Click on the to listen to song clip (requires Real Player)


 Praise and worship music clip    1. So Bless the Lord (Ed Conlin)*

 Praise and worship music clip    2. My Mouth Shall Praise You with Joy (Ed Conlin)**

 Praise and worship music clip    3. How Profound Is Your Love (Ed Conlin)*

 Praise and worship music clip    4. Around the Throne (Deb Mantel)*

 Praise and worship music clip    5. Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs (Roger Holtz)*

 Praise and worship music clip    6. Can It Be, O My Soul (Ed Conlin)**

 Praise and worship music clip    7. Lord, Enkindle Me (Ed Conlin)**

 Praise and worship music clip    8. Living Flame (Ed Conlin)

 Praise and worship music clip    9. Here Is My Life (Ed Conlin)**

 Praise and worship music clip  10. You Alone (Deb Mantel)**

 Praise and worship music clip  11. Abide, O Lord (Sr. Stacy Whitfield)**

 Praise and worship music clip  12. What Costly Love (Ed Conlin)**

 Praise and worship music clip  13. The House of God (Ed Conlin)*

 Praise and worship music clip  14. We Have Been Blest (Amy Righi)

       15. Here Is My Life; Reprise

* Songbook includes choral arrangements for these songs
** Songbook includes vocal harmonies for these songs

"Taken by Love" CD. Includes new Christmas music for Catholics and other Christians. Acoustic guitar and keyboard accompaniment in songbook.Taken by Love:

Be drawn to God by this energizing and deep album, Taken by Love. With it find your heart stirred and taken higher toward Love. This intimate yet joyful collection in wide-ranging styles within the Christian worship music tradition is performed by the gifted soloists and artists of Songs In His Presence. Well-crafted woodwinds, strings, guitar, piano, and percussion fittingly render the inspired songwriting of its seven composers. The CD's twelve richly-textured arrangements include seven songs for worship, four Psalms in responsorial style, and an instrumental meditation.

This album has taken many by surprise... from trade shows to nationwide radio, people stop and listen. “I can’t get away from this music... there is something about it that draws me.” The prayerful surrender of each songwriter and singer to Christ and the collaborative aspect of its recording process come out powerfully and infectiously. With Zack Stachowski’s masterful violin and Inez Gavrilides's first words of Ed Conlin’s “Our Hearts Will Rise,” so will your heart rise. Following the energizing worship of that first track you are drawn into Ed’s setting of the contemplative "Prayer of Augustine" interpreted by Adam Plomaritas of the band “Christopher Adam.” Your journey soars with Sr. Stacy Whitfield’s majestic “Psalm 42: Like a Deer” then steps lightly to “In Your Light” by John Keating. A contemporary Israeli-style setting of “Psalm 16: You are My Inheritance” by Mike Giszczak invites celebration with soloist, choir, klezmer clarinet and tambourine. Taken by Love often hints toward Advent (e.g., "Like a Son of Man"), expressing our heart's longings for the coming of Christ and of Heaven, our home, themes to inspire at any time of year. Soloists and choir lend to the excitement of the Incarnation with “His Name Will Be Called” and “Glory Cry the Angel Choirs.” In the opening minute of that piece, a flock of angels in ethereal chant gather above the Christ Child. Heavenly choirs reverberate again in the “Hymn of Heaven,” tenderly introduced by Christina Thomashefski. The album nears its end with the jubilant gospel-style “Psalm 122: Let Us Go Rejoicing” proclaimed by Amy Righi, David White and choir. The closing instrumental meditation features oboe, guitar, and cello.

Taken by Love appeals to a trans-generational and trans-denominational audience, even touching hearts unfamiliar with the Love it conveys. A piano/guitar/vocal songbook and octavos are also available, making its unique songs accessible both in recorded and printed forms.

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NOTE: Click on the to listen to song clip (requires Real Player)


Praise and worship music clip    1. Our Hearts Will Rise (Ed Conlin) *

listen to music online    2. Prayer of Augustine (Ed Conlin)

Catholic music online    3. Psalm 42: Like a Deer (Sr. Stacy Whitfield)

Christian music clip    4. In Your Light (John Keating)

    5. Psalm 16: You are My Inheritance (Mike Giszczak)

    6. Psalm 123: Our Eyes are Fixed on the Lord (Roger Holtz)

    7. Like a Son of Man (Sr. Stacy Whitfield)

New song for Christmas. Hear sound clip    8. His Name Will Be Called (Roger Holtz)

New song for Christmas. Hear sound clip.    9. Glory Cry the Angel Choirs (Ed Conlin) *

  10. Hymn of Heaven (Sr. Sarah Burdick) *

  11. Psalm 122: Let Us Go Rejoicing (Jane Terwilliger) *

      12. Taken By Thee (instrumental)

* Songbook includes SATB refrains for these songs

"Psalms" CD. Responsorial psalms styled for Catholic liturgy. Great acoustic guitar music. Keyboard accompaniment in songbook. Psalms:

Psalms expresses our hearts, our own loneliness and sorrows, yet also a deeper hope: a faith, gratitude, love and awe. From texts of Sacred Scripture, twelve original contemporary Psalm settings beautifully communicate the timeless prayers of the Bible in responsorial style. We are drawn into the message of each Psalm through the prayerful sensitivity of the composers and artists, accompanied by acoustic instruments including piano, guitar, cello, oboe, flute and others. Inspiring graphics complement the CD’s many musical highlights.

Psalms begins with the wondrous “Psalm 63: My Soul is Thirsting” by Donald Fishel, the notable composer of “The Light of Christ” and “Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord.” Don’s gift for reverence and melody are evidenced again in his setting of Jesus' prayer of abandonment from His cross, prophesied in “Psalm 22: My God, My God.” Shadows of the cross are also prefigured in the tender “Psalm 69: Lord in Your Great Love” composed and sung by Roger Holtz. Amazement at the gift of one human life is the pro-life theme of Holtz’s “Psalm 139: I Praise You,” warmly communicated by Christina Thomashefski. Amy Righi’s neo-baroque compositions, Psalm 90 and Psalm 45 and her rich alto interpretations worthily honor the Lord with new graciousness. A humble Celtic simplicity shines through Jane Terwilliger’s “Psalm 34: The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor.” The album nears its close with “Psalm 145: The Lord Is Near to All” sung by Inez Gavrilides, compelling in her faith and hope. “Psalm 19: Their Message Goes Out” completes the CD with its enduring call to share the Gospel throughout the world.

Refreshingly varied contemporary and contemplative arrangements make Psalms a uniquely uplifting CD. A piano/guitar/vocal songbook is also available, making these songs accessible for use in churches, home groups, Masses and other worship gatherings. People of all ages and walks of life are being touched by the widely-appealing music from Songs In His Presence.

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NOTE: Click on the to listen to song clip (requires Real Player)


psalm hymn music clip    1. Psalm 63: My Soul is Thirsting (Donald Fishel)

psalm hymn sound clip    2. Psalm 90: If Today You Hear His Voice/In Every
            Age/Fill Us with Your Love (Amy Righi)

worship music clip    3. Psalm 139: I Praise You (Roger Holtz)

song clip    4. Psalm 69: Lord, In Your Great Love (Roger Holtz)

listen to music clip online    5. Psalm 22: My God, My God (Donald Fishel)

    6. Psalm 45: The Queen Stands (Amy Righi)

    7. Psalm 118: Give Thanks to the Lord (Jane Terwilliger)

    8. Psalm 34: The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor (Jane Terwilliger)

    9. Psalm 29: The Lord Will Bless His People With Peace (Jane Terwilliger)

  10. Psalm 32: I Turn to You (Donald Fishel)

  11. Psalm 145: The Lord is Near to All (Donald Fishel)

  12. Psalm 19: Their Message Goes Out (Roger Holtz)

Companion songbooks are available for these CDs.

The songbooks include words, melody and acoustic guitar chords. The songbooks for Taken by Love and Psalms also include full keyboard accompaniment. There are two distinct songbooks for Held by Love. The first is a "Guitar/Vocal Songbook" which includes melody, lyrics, guitar chords, vocal harmonies and choral arrangements. Second is a separate "Piano Accompaniment Songbook" which includes inspiring piano accompaniments plus all the features of the Guitar/Vocal Songbook. Also available for Held by Love and Taken by Love are instrumental folios containing the instrumental parts as heard on the albums: flute, oboe, violin, cello, French Horn. The Trust Him Guitar/Vocal Songbook includes melody, lyrics, chord symbols, vocal harmonies, instrumental interlude cue notes and 5 pages of photos. It includes all songs on the album except the Lord's Prayer.

Questions? Send us an email at, or call us at (734) 507-1604.



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